Use Edge Delta Lambda Extension to Monitor AWS Lambda Functions

George Alpizar
George Alpizar
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You can use Edge Delta's Lambda extension to monitor your AWS lambda functions.

Specifically, you can deploy Edge Delta's Lambda extension to obtain raw serverless observability data before the data reaches your streaming destination.

With this deployment, you can:

  • Obtain automated observability, anomaly detection, and other core visibility
  • Reduce the amount of data that will stream to your observability platform

At a high level, to use Edge Delta's Lambda extension, you must deploy the Edge Delta Lambda extension as a layer to the targeted Lambda function. Additionally, you must configure the hosted agent to listen for the data sent by the extension. 

  • For detailed instructions, please review this document, located in Edge Delta's GitHub repository. 
  • For background information on Edge Delta's Lambda extension, please review this blog post, located in the main Edge Delta website. 

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