Agent Components Health Stats Inputs

George Alpizar
George Alpizar
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This input type reports health-related data for the agent, such as status, error count, and success count. This information can be useful for debugging.

By default, this input type reports to the Edge Delta backend to help Edge Delta Support with troubleshooting agent-related issues.

Additionally, if necessary, this input type can also report to a 3rd-party streaming destination by adding agent_components_health to a workflow.

Review Parameters

Review the following parameters that you can configure in the Edge Delta App:

YAML Description

Enter a descriptive name for this input. 

When you create a workflow, you will use this label to enter your input into the workflow. 

agent-components-health is the default label.

This parameter is required. 

Review the following example: 

labels: "agent-components-health"

Review Sample Configuration 

Review the following sample configuration:

    labels: "agent-components-health"


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