Agent Installation Overview

George Alpizar
George Alpizar
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In the Edge Delta App, you can deploy the Edge Delta Agent for the following environments: 

Agent Type Link to Installation Instructions
Windows Install the Agent for Windows
Linux Install the Agent for Linux
macOS Install the Agent for macOS
Docker Install the Agent for Docker
Kubernetes Install the Agent for Kubernetes
Kubernetes with Helm Install the Agent for Kubernetes with Helm
AWS ECS Install the Agent for AWS ECS



Before you deploy the agent, Edge Delta recommends that you see the Review Agent Requirements document. 


In an effort to provide security during agent installation, starting with version 0.1.20 of the agent, the makeself --sha256 option will be included and enabled in all agent deployments. 

Specifically, makeself will perform md5 and crc checks for content integrity.

Related Documentation

To learn how to deploy the agent with a profiler, see Deploy the Edge Delta Agent a Profiler.

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