Agent Configuration Overview

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After you deploy the Edge Delta agent, we recommend that you configure your agent. Specifically, you can create and update a configuration file with additional settings. 

Review Agent Configuration Options

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Agent Settings

You can use this feature to create and customize an agent's settings in a configuration file. 

To learn more, see Agent Settings.


A filter refines and transforms collected logs before additional processing takes place.

To learn more, see Filters Overview.


An inputs tells the Edge Delta agent:

  • Data types to listen for
  • Data locations
  • Data configurations
  • Data tags

Each input allows you to create a label, which is used to map the input to a specific monitoring rule or streaming and alerting destination.

To learn more, see Inputs.


An output tells the Edge Delta agent where to send collected and generated data, such as metrics, patterns, alerts, etc.

To learn more, see Create and Manage Outputs and Integrations.


A processor allows users to specify various analytical, statistical, and machine learning-based algorithms to apply to their incoming data.

To learn more, see Processors Overview.


A threshold defines alerting conditions at the agent level. Each agent locally evaluates the thresholds and then triggers an alert if the threshold is met. 

To learn more, see Thresholds.


Environment variables are used as values in the configuration files for the Edge Delta agent. Variables are used to pass secrets to the agent in a secure manner.

During runtime, the agent's local operating system environment obtains the values for the environment variables.

To learn more, see Variables.


A workflow maps inputs, processors, and outputs that are logically grouped, based on the underlying use-cases and analytics being performed.

To learn more, see Workflows.


Related Documentation 

To learn more about how to manage agent configurations, see Learn About Agent Management Configuration.

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