Understand Agent Health Check

George Alpizar
George Alpizar
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You can use this document to learn about the health components for an agent. 

Review Agent Health Check

  1. In the Edge Delta App, on the left-side navigation, click Data Pipeline, and then click Pipeline Status
  2. Navigate to the table of Active Agents, then locate the desired agent, then under Actions, click the vertical ellipses, and then click View Health.
  3. The Instance Count column displays the number of unique components. 
    • By default, streamer contains at least 3 components (Elastic, Influx, and S3). 
  4. Review the following health check types:
    Health Check Type Description
    streamer This type represents the streaming destination, such as Sumo Logic, Elastic, etc. 
    tailer This type represents a source, such as files, Kubernetes, etc.

    This type represents anything that communicates to the HTTP endpoint, which includes streaming destinations and Edge Delta. 


    This type reports the responses when trying to send data, such as 200, 400, 500, etc. 


    This type represents the archive destination, such as S3. 


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